Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Starting From Scratch

For some reason I am being called to start a blog.  I can't totally explain it at the moment, but I am excited about it!   

I don't exactly know what I even want this blog to be about or what direction it will take.  What I do know is that since I returned from my trip to Kenya I have felt an overwhelming need to reconnect with people.  Along with that is a strong conviction to encourage others, especially women, to do the same.  We are so caught up in our technologically advanced culture that we have forgotten what real relationships are.

Hopefully this will turn into a journey of sorts, a journey back to the porch swing. That fantastic image of women connecting over cups of coffee or tea enjoying the time spent together.  No matter where that spot may be or who you may be with, let's start building some real relationships together.

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